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  Guide to Guest Parking Lot  

guest-parking-lot (01).jpg

The entrance to our parking structure is found on Francisco street.

The photo on the left shows the entrance to the parking lot of the Wedbush building. The right side is the entrance and the left side is the exit.

guest-parking-lot (02).jpg

As you enter Wedbush building, Open Bank’s guest parking is located immediately to your right.


Please do not park in Open Bank’s guest parking.

guest-parking-lot (03).jpg

Please continue on the path beyond the Wedbush Center signage.

( After passing the guest parking lot of the Open Bank, drive left down the ramp. )

guest-parking-lot (04).jpg

To your left,  you will see the entrance to the underground parking lot as left shown.

☞ As the path straightens, you will notice the parking office and the toll gate to your left and our guest parking spaces on your right.

guest-parking-lot (05).jpg

Please park in either of the two spaces reserved for Hana Financial guests.

guest-parking-lot (06).jpg

If both guest spaces are occupied, please proceed towards the gate and retrieve a ticket.  Visitor’s parking spaces can be found immediately upon entry.

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