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Founded in 1994, Hana Financial is a specialized non-bank financial institution, which offers asset-based lending, factoring services and now equipment finance. Since inception, Hana has provided over $27 billion in factoring volume and loan originations. Hana prides itself in providing personalized service and custom-tailored solutions to clients in various states of their business cycle.


Purchasing Power – access to best technology

Balance Sheet Management – conserve operating capital and free up working capital

100 percent financing – no down payment

Asset Management – use of the equipment for specific periods of time until end of lease to buy out or return

Services on the equipment – offers installation and maintenance

Tax treatment – Payments can be fully deductible as an expense

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24/7 Account Access & Credit Checking
Credit Card Back

Your business does not operate strictly on certain hours, and neither does Hana Transportation Finance.


Hana Online provides the resources essential to maintain your business at your convenience.


Hana Online credit checking grants instant access to Hana’s resources and insights, providing peace of mind.


For Financing over $300,000

▪ Signed Application
▪ 3-months bank statements
▪ Equipment quotation / purchase order
▪ Comparable borrowing references or copy of existing monthly bills

For Financing up to $300,000

▪ Same documents as up to $300,000
▪ 2-years fiscal year-end financial statements
▪ Interim current financial statements
▪ Personal financial statements or 2-years personal tax returns of majority owner(s)

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