Credit Protection Program

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As a full-service financial institution, Hana Financial understands both the short and long term hurdles that businesses face.  The reality of today’s economy means it is vital to safeguard against bad debt and bankruptcy.  Even if your firm currently pledges your accounts receivables to another lender, or works with a trade credit insurer or factor, our credit protection program can provide specific customer protection against bad debt losses and give you both the peace of mind and flexibility to continue to grow your business. 

What Credit Protection Services Can Hana Provide?
  • Non-notification, non-borrowing, factoring/credit protection solutions that include no coinsurance/deductible and 90-days past due invoice maturity/claim payment
  • An inter-creditor agreement which acts similarly to lender loss payee endorsement even if your client has an existing lender
  • Another option for trade credit providers and brokers to fill customer limit gaps or even "top up" limits without interfering with your primary coverage both domestically and internationally
  • Traditional factoring and funding where desired.  If your client is seeking additional financing options, we will not replace or impact your trade credit policy by providing funding
How We Can Improve Your Ability to Borrow With Your Existing Lender
  • Inclusion of foreign accounts receivables
  • Elimination or reduction of concentration risk restrictions to major customer(s)
  • Strengthened collateral as a result of Hana's credit protection at time of approved losses
How We Can Improve Your Ability to Sell
  • Potentially offer longer terms of sale
  • Become a credit partner to share in or take on the risk of your credit approvals
  • Offer open credit terms to foreign customers

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