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Factoring & Trade Finance

Purchase Order & Trade Finance

Purchase order (PO) financing allows a business to receive funding for pre-ordered merchandise using a purchase order from the customer as collateral.


Our comprehensive offerings encompass all trade financing needs, including letter of credit-based, open account financing, and supply-chain financing. It is Hana’s mission to improve our clients’ working capital efficiency and to reduce their risk of non-payment.

Stock Trade
Purchase Order & Trade Finance

Hana Financial provides financing up to 100% for qualified transactions with no collateral required.  We also provide flexibility of use in a variety of trade finance products.

Commercial Letter of Credit

Documentary Collection (D/P & D/A)

Trust Receipt (T/R)

Standby Letter of Credit

Letters of Guarantee

Short Term Advances


  • Makes it possible to take large orders from customers beyond your financial capabilities
  • Easier to obtain than conventional bank borrowing
  • No additional collateral required
  • Increase sales without additional capital
Factoring Services

Accounts receivable (AR) factoring is a dynamic solution for business owners to optimize their working capital. Hana Financial determines your customers’ creditworthiness, collects your invoices, and keeps records of payments.  We insure your receivables fully. Hana Financial provides and secures the financing your company needs without the burdens.

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Factoring Services
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Addressing Factoring Misconceptions

Because of its roots in the historically volatile apparel industry, factoring was once a controversial financing source. Through its recent expansion into a spectrum of other industries, factoring is now a vital and reliable resource for both nascent and established businesses.  In recent years, factoring volumes reached $180 billion nationally, and over $2 trillion internationally.

A common misconception is that factoring clients are those denied by banks.  While factors are more flexible than banks are, there are no outside implicit risks.  While banks focus on how your business serves them, we focus on how we can serve your business.


  1. Access to an expansive international database that enable us to determine which customers are creditworthy.

  2. Experienced client services, customer credit, and collections personnel.

  3. Intuitive software providing a simple experience to access your account information online.

  4. The ability to offer comprehensive financial services including:​​

    • Purchase Order/Trade Financing

    • Letters of Credit

    • Factor Guarantees

    • SBA 7(a) loans

  5. Diverse solutions to address your funding needs.

  6. Credit approvals on foreign accounts.

  7. Access to detailed weekly and monthly management reports.

  8. Immediate advanced funding upon shipment, at no additional cost.

  9. Thorough investigations into prospective customers and complete credit insurance on all approved customers.

  10. Complete servicing of your factored receivables.

Credit Protection Program

As a full-service financial institution, Hana Financial understands the hurdles that businesses face. The reality of today’s economy makes safeguarding against bad debt and bankruptcy more critical now than ever before.

Even if your firm currently pledges your accounts receivable to another lender, or works with a trade credit insurer, our credit protection program can provide further protection against bad debt losses and give you both the peace of mind and flexibility vital to focus on growing your business.

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Credit Protection Program
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