The Hana
Financial Advantage

For over 20 years, Hana Financial has sought out innovative avenues of business, operation, and service to create an engaging and fulfilling experience for our clients.
and Custom-Tailored Service

In today’s complex business environment, clients need innovative financing tools that can fulfill their specific business objectives. Hana adheres to the needs of such clients and finds a way to design flexible and custom-tailored financing services to make the clients’ businesses successful.

with quality experience

Hana is proud of its seasoned professionals with years of experience in the banking and factoring industries.  Whether our clients’ needs are credit protection or financing, each transaction is serviced by Hana with the utmost care by highly experienced professionals...

e-Factoring Online

A state-of-the-art internet based e-factoring system is another valuable business management tool that we provide to our clients worldwide.  Clients can access the system globally and manage their daily business activities online 24/7.

Purchase Order Finance

Purchase order financing is another tool we provide when clients receive purchase orders from their customers that are beyond their financial capabilities.  This method of financing allows for purchases overseas as well as from the domestic market.